Black Out Charlotte Escape Room

The lone-themed Real-Life Escape Game experience in Charlotte area is now open with a cast of secret agents. Become one team trying to find clues and crack Codes while working together as part of the game.

Visit and experience the best of Charlotte’s newest attraction, Black Out. With its proximity to Bank of America Stadium and historic South End location, it will be hard not to find this exciting new spot.

Imagine being one of an elite group known as Black Out agents. You are tasked with completing secret missions that could save lives, solve crimes or stop global destruction! In this new immersive escape room experience, you’ll be given clues in preparation for your next big mission while experiencing high-tech immersion, including live characters and objects throughout the space who will interact with each clue – making it feel more real than ever before.

The Black Out room is an immersive, secret agent-style experience that combines psycho themes with live characters and only 6 – 8 participants per mission. You’re a recruit from Black Out who has been tasked to complete various clues in order to save the world from zombies or else escape prison before time runs out.

Venture into the unknown with a team of fellow agents in this interactive game. Outsmart your opponents by using strategy and skill to gain an advantage, just like James Bond would do.

The Earth is about to end, and you’re locked in a cell with your family. Out of boredom or curiosity (or both), try figuring out how all these things work: lights that turn off when someone walks past them; a water fountain displays seven different messages depending on who witnesses it–this might not just be an exercise for training purposes after all.

Charlotte, North Carolina, has been beset by a series of unsolved murder cases in the South End. Suspicion points to a manipulating serial killer who resides there, and authorities need your help before it’s too late. You’ll get access to his residence through clever lock-picking skills or difficult puzzle-solving challenges that will require all players’ expertise if they want answers quickly enough- because this psycho doesn’t play fair.

Inmate, you are in for a nasty surprise when arriving at your new home. From the moment that cell doors clanged shut on all prisoners within Cell Block 704, it became clear this wouldn’t be any ordinary prison experience. The brutality of guards and substandard food supply made escape impossible even if we were given an hour of classroom tutorial about how to break out (and no one has ever successfully done so).

The world may be coming to an end, but you can still save it! Trade Street Epidemic is a new board game that pits players against each other as they try and stop the spread of zombies within their city. The player who vaccinates all citizens first wins by ousting all other competitors from play; however, if no one gets vaccinated before time runs out, then everyone loses because there will now exist more hungry ghouls than human beings on Earth.

Address: 1415 S Church Street, Suite B, Charlotte, NC.

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