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Your website is your brand ambassasor. What does the design say about you?

Every business today needs a good web page. Whether it is a new, one-person start-up working out of a garage or a mid-sized company that has been around for years, a strong presence in the online marketplace is essential in today's world. Websites serve many purposes, including telling stories, promoting and marketing, educating, and selling. We call these by different names depending on what they are trying to accomplish - business or corporate websites, e-commerce, blogs, forums, web portals.

Regardless of the purpose, it is critical to have an appealing format, and we have the website design services to make that a reality. While people who run companies are focused on developing their products and delivering their craft, they are not necessarily engaged in building an internet platform to compete for customers. By hiring an outside expert, a leader can stay focused on running their company and still have a top-tier digital point of access to engage with new customers and returners alike.

It takes about 50 milliseconds for a user to form an opinion about a web page. That is only 0.05 seconds before they know they like it or not and whether they are likely to stay or leave. For those who continue to explore, your visual appeal and ease of navigation are the biggest influencers of their impressions of your brand (not the online space you've created, but your product or service). It only took moments for them to form beliefs about your credibility and the quality of your work. The benefits don't end there. Research has shown that more positive first impressions lead to higher satisfaction with a business in the future.

If search engine optimization is the tool that gets you to the top of the search results and has folks walking through your virtual door, it is a quality design that keeps people in the room.

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A beautiful, functional design elevates excellent content.

There are many things we balance as we create a website.

  • It must be intuitive and easy to navigate.
  • It eliminates clutter to keep the focus on the message.
  • It makes it easy for customers to do business with you.
  • It uses stunning images that resonate with users. It aligns composition, font, and layout for a distinctive look. It's dynamic.
  • It loads quickly and is equally responsive on mobile devices, laptops, tablets, and monitors.
  • It's flexible enough that you can make updates quickly and easily, requiring no technical knowledge to do so. Anyone in your organization will be able to handle it.
  • It is customized for you and feels like your brand.
  • To be successful, it must create an experience for visitors that aligns with the overall brand, and it must be easy for you to use.

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Branding and Logo

Build consistency across all your marketing efforts to convey your approach and personality. Whether you are creating something new or want a fresh start, we can help you!

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SEO Website Design

Integrate function and form for maximum exposure and conversion. This approach considers keyword position while creating "the look" for complete site optimization.

High-Quality Images

The right picture is worth a thousand words, and we can provide them, along with proper naming and image tagging, to maximize the user experience and on-page results.