Blumenthal Performing Arts Center

The Blumenthal Performing Arts Center is Charlotte’s premier performing arts, dance, and theater venue. It features three buildings that host various types of events, including live music performances by renowned artists visiting The Queen City.

The Blumenthal Performing Arts Center offers three distinct venues to showcase different experiences. The Booth Playhouse, Belk Theater, and Stage Door Theater each provide world-class entertainment space but in unique ways. The largest of the venues is The Belk Theater, which can hold over 2,000 attendees in a horseshoe shaped arrangement. The Booth Playhouse is a courtyard-style theater with 400 seats for more intimate performances. Finally, the Stage Door Theater is the smallest and has a versatile setup, allowing for the audience to get up close with performers.

Whether you’re searching for a good time or some art in your life, there’s no shortage at Blumenthal Performing Arts Center. They have everything from dance performances by professionals to family-focused shows that will delight any child.

From classical music concerts and theater plays performed live on stage all the way up through comedy acts, the venue has something sure to fixate any person who loves great performances as well as entertaining entertainment options.

The Blumenthal Performing Arts Center is a place where people from all over come to see internationally recognized shows like Riverdance and big-name performers such as Mandy Moore. Each venue is beautiful and has everything you could ever want, and the event planners know how to use the right space to create a memorable event.

Love Broadway shows? Look no further. The Blumenthal Performing Arts Center offers more than 18 weeks of Broadway shows each year, bringing some of the biggest names. Hamilton, The Lion King, Phantom of the Opera, Wicked and so many more have been hosted in Charlotte, NC by the Blumenthal. But that isn’t all. Their schedule includes much more, from comedy to concerts to dance.

The Blumenthal Performing Arts Center has something for everyone. From symphonic concerts to family-friendly shows, there’s no better place in all of Charlotte. Inspiring children is at the core of their mission; more than 150,000 students participate in their programs annual. You won’t want your kids missing out on these opportunities, discovering new worlds and experiencing the arts.

The Blumenthal is a wonderful place to see live performances. This venue is perfect for anyone who wants an evening out with their loved ones, to show clients the majesty of the city, or take a date out for an unforgettable night.

The Blumenthal Performing Arts Center is a place where the best of live entertainment meets world-class venues. They present an exciting array for both audiences and artists alike and are deeply committed to providing artistic leadership and supporting economic growth for the city and community. Charlotte is lucky to have such a tremendous powerhouse of the Arts!

Blumenthal Performing Arts Center’s Address: 130 N Tryon St, Charlotte, North Carolina, 28202, U.S.

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